Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello Friends,

Something not so nice hit me last Thursday....I came down with a bug of some type. It felt like flu, the stomach kind...and has lasted even into day.  I am feeling better, so am taking a few moments to say I miss you when I'm not here.  So, I'm not sure when I'll be back running on all spark plugs.  

Thursday is the day this week that my first appointment with the surgeon about my knee replacement takes place.  Please pray that I'll be over this recent malaise and free of all symptoms so that the surgery can be performed soon.

Speaking of surgery, my son Mike had fusion of vertebrae in his back.  He had been in such pain and unable to do more with his work and family activities.  I talked on the phone with him last night and he says he "feels fabulous.....never felt so good and feels like a new man with a new life.  I'm so happy for him and I'm sure our father in heaven had something to do with it.  Mike expressed how grateful he is for all the prayers that friends and family offered.  So am I.  Thank you all for the prayers you sent for Mike.....I'm passing Mike's appreciation to you.

This is a difficult time for our nation, weather wise. All the deaths and homeless from tornadoes and flooding across many states.  They need help and our prayers for the nameless and faceless families whose homes have been ripped away.  Those that were affected by the tornado hitting St John's Hospital in Joplin, Mo.  Please pray

Weather.....I'm under it.....and it's thundering, lightening and raining outside as I write.  So, weather wise everywhere, let's pray for sunshine!


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