Tuesday, May 10, 2011



After gathering the reports of this morning's planned activities, I'm very happy that Mike went through the back surgery well, although he's a little sore at the moment, he is in his room sleeping.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if his wife Carla is sleeping in the chair in his room.  She plans to stay the night at the hospital and they aren't sure when he'll be released.  Praise the Lord.

We didn't spend a long time this morning at the Dallas County Court.  We were very relieved for Amy that she received 3 years probation on her charge, with the possibility of dropping a year and a half if her record remains clear.  Don't know much about it yet, but that's over. Praise God.

Two prayers heard and answered.  He loves us so!  Thank you Jesus!

I didn't hear today from my doctor as to when my first appointment will be with the Orthopedic doctor.  I am praying that the time will be soon, and most of all that my knee replacement surgery will be over soon and I'm doing the therapy to gain strength.  This pain has sapped my strength and sense of well being and I'm ready for a definite change.

There is no doubt in  my mind that God is in control.  After we returned from our trip this morning, I was so tired that I've slept the entire afternoon.  That's what relief does for you.  Have a lovely evening, Friends.


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