Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hello Friends,
My family has concerns today and also during the week.  Our son Mike is having back surgery this morning in St Louis.  He is 51, in good health and we are praying for his healing and to hopefully be walking that three miles a day his dr has advised him to work toward in the weeks following the surgery.

Our daughter Amy has to be in court this morning on charges of theft which is at this time is not being charged as a misdemeanor, However her attorney is sure she can get it dropped to a misdemeanor and she will probably be given probation or community service or both.  Amy has done very well this past year, free from drugs, intensive rehab, and many prayers that she will be given that second chance. She also has a good steady job as a hair stylist.  This has been a 25 year illness for her and she is a Christian. Hopefully this is her start to a new life.  I'll be back later with more news.

I heard from my doctor a short time ago. The results of the MRI taken on my left knee showed severe arthritis, no cartilege, etc...and it looks like I'll be having a knee replacement soon. Don't know any date now, but I just said a silent prayer to God for the decision and am so grateful to him that my severe pain will be stopped. I'm looking forward to being able to walk almost normally again.
Woo Hoo

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