Saturday, May 7, 2011


 This devotion spoke to me and I hope Melodie Michelle Wood doesn't mind my sharing it with you.
Melodie Michelle Wood May 6 at 8:56am Reply Report
good morning friends ♥ have a beautiful day in Jesus ♥

Jesus says He wants to trade our bondages for freedom, our mourning for comfort, our ugly ashes for something beautiful, and our despair for praise. And liberation from so much that's dark in life is rooted in wearing that garment of praise, no matter what situation we're in. Praise can set you free from discouragement, self-pity, frustration, bitterness, even grief. And, on any given day, there's always something to praise Him for ~

As God starts to open doors and give opportunities, pray for the protection available in Jesus' Name - for you, for those you love. Pray against discouragement. Remember that serving the Lord is much like football. As soon as you start gaining ground spiritually, the other side starts to come after you. When you charge, they charge. That's something to be aware of, not afraid of ♥

Happy Saturday!

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