Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hello Friends,
It seems the best laid plans are the ones that go awry.  This could be considered funny, because instead of a knee replacement - I now need a hip replacement!  That includes a change of doctor as well as a change in time schedules.  At this point, I have an appointment with a different doctor on June 22, and no idea how long after that the surgery will be scheduled.   The best I can hope for is a cancellation to leave an opening to see the doctor; which I was told I would be called in that situation - or I can call everyday to see if there has been any cancellations.  You bet your boots I'll do that!  I can only tolerate this pain if the Lord decides I need to for a little longer, but I'm not happy about that.

New developments regarding my eyes.  They have been troubling me a lot lately.  Last week when I was ill with the flu, I woke one morning and my husband saw my right eye was bright red.  It looked as though I had a blood clot or vessels had broken.  That situation cleared within a day or so.  I visited my optometrist and was examined.  I have been almost blind in my right eye since birth with amblyopia (lazy eye).  The last time I was examined - about 9 months ago, I had almost reached the stage where I would be needing cataract surgery soon.  The eyes have since developed a harsh dryness that leaves the eye scarred and pitted instead of smooth like glass as they should be.  So - I am using a extra strength eye drop every two hours each day in the attempt to moisten the eye.  Cataract surgery on my eyes later isn't a good possibility because surgeons won't operate on my good eye for fear of leaving it sightless.  In the meantime, I'll continue to treat the eyes as directed.  If the eye situation doesn't improve, then I'll be put on a different prescription that will be a lifetime treatment.

What is the Lord teaching me?  Patience, tolerance, trust, obedience, insight, reliance, preparedness, and acceptance.  He knows the plans for me, He promises.....plans for good and not for evil.  It's not on my time - it's His timing.  He is going to see that my leg is repaired and lessen the pain.  He knows I have a pile of books to read and review - so he's left me with one good eye.  That's a blessing as I SEE IT!


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  1. My heart goes out to you, Barb. My prayers are with you.