Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hello Friends,
It seems the best laid plans are the ones that go awry.  This could be considered funny, because instead of a knee replacement - I now need a hip replacement!  That includes a change of doctor as well as a change in time schedules.  At this point, I have an appointment with a different doctor on June 22, and no idea how long after that the surgery will be scheduled.   The best I can hope for is a cancellation to leave an opening to see the doctor; which I was told I would be called in that situation - or I can call everyday to see if there has been any cancellations.  You bet your boots I'll do that!  I can only tolerate this pain if the Lord decides I need to for a little longer, but I'm not happy about that.

New developments regarding my eyes.  They have been troubling me a lot lately.  Last week when I was ill with the flu, I woke one morning and my husband saw my right eye was bright red.  It looked as though I had a blood clot or vessels had broken.  That situation cleared within a day or so.  I visited my optometrist and was examined.  I have been almost blind in my right eye since birth with amblyopia (lazy eye).  The last time I was examined - about 9 months ago, I had almost reached the stage where I would be needing cataract surgery soon.  The eyes have since developed a harsh dryness that leaves the eye scarred and pitted instead of smooth like glass as they should be.  So - I am using a extra strength eye drop every two hours each day in the attempt to moisten the eye.  Cataract surgery on my eyes later isn't a good possibility because surgeons won't operate on my good eye for fear of leaving it sightless.  In the meantime, I'll continue to treat the eyes as directed.  If the eye situation doesn't improve, then I'll be put on a different prescription that will be a lifetime treatment.

What is the Lord teaching me?  Patience, tolerance, trust, obedience, insight, reliance, preparedness, and acceptance.  He knows the plans for me, He promises.....plans for good and not for evil.  It's not on my time - it's His timing.  He is going to see that my leg is repaired and lessen the pain.  He knows I have a pile of books to read and review - so he's left me with one good eye.  That's a blessing as I SEE IT!


Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello Friends,

Something not so nice hit me last Thursday....I came down with a bug of some type. It felt like flu, the stomach kind...and has lasted even into day.  I am feeling better, so am taking a few moments to say I miss you when I'm not here.  So, I'm not sure when I'll be back running on all spark plugs.  

Thursday is the day this week that my first appointment with the surgeon about my knee replacement takes place.  Please pray that I'll be over this recent malaise and free of all symptoms so that the surgery can be performed soon.

Speaking of surgery, my son Mike had fusion of vertebrae in his back.  He had been in such pain and unable to do more with his work and family activities.  I talked on the phone with him last night and he says he "feels fabulous.....never felt so good and feels like a new man with a new life.  I'm so happy for him and I'm sure our father in heaven had something to do with it.  Mike expressed how grateful he is for all the prayers that friends and family offered.  So am I.  Thank you all for the prayers you sent for Mike.....I'm passing Mike's appreciation to you.

This is a difficult time for our nation, weather wise. All the deaths and homeless from tornadoes and flooding across many states.  They need help and our prayers for the nameless and faceless families whose homes have been ripped away.  Those that were affected by the tornado hitting St John's Hospital in Joplin, Mo.  Please pray

Weather.....I'm under it.....and it's thundering, lightening and raining outside as I write.  So, weather wise everywhere, let's pray for sunshine!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi friends,

Just wanted you to be aware that I did not authorize or give permission to the article below.  I have tried deleting it, cutting it, tried to get rid of it...but for some reason it's stuck there.  Please ignore that posting, it is not valid. 


Monday, May 16, 2011


Reading is a most wonderful pastime. I just started "The Call of Zulina" by Kay Marshall Strom.

Just finished:
"The People of the Book" by Kathy Macias' 
"Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen; 
"Anasazi Intrigue" by Linda Weaver Clarke;
"Gap Creek: The Story of a Marriage" by Robert Morgan;
"Their Separate Ways" by Michelle Sutton; 
"Riven" by Jerry Jenkins and 
"Jewel of Persia" by Roseanna White. 

Each of these stories, in my estimation, deserve a 5 star rating. I have been blessed by each one



May 16-20 is National Neuropathy Week. Learn 
 more about neuropathy and helpful resources by
Visit the Neuropathy Association - our website is dedicated to raising awareness and 
seeking a cure for peripheral neuropathy, CIDP, small fiber neuropathy and other nerve

Friday, May 13, 2011


Hi Friends,

It's doubtful that some of you might not be happy about a date for surgery. However, yesterday I received some good news that my first appointment with the orthopedic surgeon is May 25th and knee replacement surgery on my left knee will be two weeks later, so around June 8th I'm looking forward to getting a much needed surgery over with and be on the way to healing and therapy.

Well....I'm not looking forward to the therapy, but it's a clear choice that I'll do what it takes to be rid of the excruciating pain that has increasingly worsened to a stage that I can barely walk.  I am full of hope that the Lord will help me to walk a little easier again.  I know that I will experience back pain, hip pain, hand and feet pain and I can handle that pretty well.  I have arthritis in many joints, plus neuropathy and gout in the legs and feet.

I'm not writing this to tell you all my troubles, just to let you know why I'm so happy to finally have hope that I can get around a little easier with the trusty help of my cane, walker and wheel chair.  I keep having this dreamlike picture of me throwing my crutches, cane and walker in the air with a cheer and kissing my wheelchair goodbye.  Well, I believe in miracles and it could happen! Don't you agree?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011



After gathering the reports of this morning's planned activities, I'm very happy that Mike went through the back surgery well, although he's a little sore at the moment, he is in his room sleeping.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if his wife Carla is sleeping in the chair in his room.  She plans to stay the night at the hospital and they aren't sure when he'll be released.  Praise the Lord.

We didn't spend a long time this morning at the Dallas County Court.  We were very relieved for Amy that she received 3 years probation on her charge, with the possibility of dropping a year and a half if her record remains clear.  Don't know much about it yet, but that's over. Praise God.

Two prayers heard and answered.  He loves us so!  Thank you Jesus!

I didn't hear today from my doctor as to when my first appointment will be with the Orthopedic doctor.  I am praying that the time will be soon, and most of all that my knee replacement surgery will be over soon and I'm doing the therapy to gain strength.  This pain has sapped my strength and sense of well being and I'm ready for a definite change.

There is no doubt in  my mind that God is in control.  After we returned from our trip this morning, I was so tired that I've slept the entire afternoon.  That's what relief does for you.  Have a lovely evening, Friends.



Hello Friends,
My family has concerns today and also during the week.  Our son Mike is having back surgery this morning in St Louis.  He is 51, in good health and we are praying for his healing and to hopefully be walking that three miles a day his dr has advised him to work toward in the weeks following the surgery.

Our daughter Amy has to be in court this morning on charges of theft which is at this time is not being charged as a misdemeanor, However her attorney is sure she can get it dropped to a misdemeanor and she will probably be given probation or community service or both.  Amy has done very well this past year, free from drugs, intensive rehab, and many prayers that she will be given that second chance. She also has a good steady job as a hair stylist.  This has been a 25 year illness for her and she is a Christian. Hopefully this is her start to a new life.  I'll be back later with more news.

I heard from my doctor a short time ago. The results of the MRI taken on my left knee showed severe arthritis, no cartilege, etc...and it looks like I'll be having a knee replacement soon. Don't know any date now, but I just said a silent prayer to God for the decision and am so grateful to him that my severe pain will be stopped. I'm looking forward to being able to walk almost normally again.
Woo Hoo