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Sandi Rog's Debut Release


Sandi Rog's Debut Release  (Click)

Please read this Blog of Trish Perry's. Sandi Rogg is introducing her Debut novel, "The Master's Wall." Please open your heart when you read that Sandi found out shortly after her book debuted that she is the victim of Type A Lymphoma.

Friday, December 24, 2010


It's a wonderful  day all over the world!  We're celebrating the birthday of Jesus, our King, Son of God, Almighty Savior, Prince of PeaceThe most breath taking thing about Jesus is that he lives in my heart, your heart, and if you want Him in your heart, just ask Him - He's waiting for you!!  Isn't that remarkable!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Reading good books has been one of my fun hobbies forever.  I like to write also, but we'll discuss more on that later.

My current read is "RED INK" by Cathi Macias. I don't want to lay it down. I'm not finished with it yet, and in a way I don't want it to end!  I'll just tell you it is a story with some truth in it about a young woman who lives in China. She and her husband are Christian with one child.  She was pregnant for the second time and her non-Christian parents reported her to the government.  She was arrested, the baby aborted and she was thrown in prison for 10 years.

There are other story situations that all tie into the story taking place in China.  Very well choreographed  by author Kathi Macias.  

That's enough telling...don't want to give away anything.  It's a faster read than I had anticipated and that gives me time next to read "Valeria's Cross."  Another book by Kathi Macias that I've been wanting to read.  Guess what???!!!  You can have this book right now, also....for free.  Below are Kathi's latest words on how to do just that.  So, shout for joy and dance with merriment about this Christmas Day.  Stay joyous and keep loving.  "Bless us everyone."

Someone just asked how long the free Valeria's Cross download will last, as people may get Kindles or Nooks for Christmas. Good news! The free download is available on both through December 27th, so if you're expecting one for Christmas, make yourself a note to get the download quickly. Blessings!

Monday, December 20, 2010


What a wonderful day this has been. Our church choir, which I am a member, had our cantata for two services this morning and it was beautiful. We did very well, but then we have an excellent director, Diane. The choir is exceptionally talented. In fact 30 years ago, I directed the same choir that I'm now a member of. God has blessed our choir. Thank you, Lord that the Holy Spirit was so evident this morning.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hello, one week from today is the celebration we get excited about every year.  Since I'm just recovering from the flu...I'm wondering if it affected my head is some funny way...LOL.  This morning, I was preparing to attend the dress rehearsal at the church for our Christmas cantata.  The last thing I do when I'm going somewhere is put my watch and rings on.  Well, this morning I looked at the jewelry tree that I hang my watches and rings on and  strangely the watch I normally wear was missing.  Mystified, I looked all over the dresser top and around the floor and found nothing.  So, I put my rings on and decided to wear another watch and look for the other watch when I returned home.  I picked the other watch off the tree and started to slip it over my hand and onto my wrist.  I looked down at my wrist....and there was the watch I had intended to wear in the first place....ON MY WRIST!   I don't remember putting it on....what had I been thinking?!  OK...I guess I can blame it on the senior moments I have frequently.  Thank God, I can laugh at myself....  You can laugh as well.  LOL

Friday, December 17, 2010


Hi there, Blog friends, I've been on a break because of the flu. This is my first day out of least for awhile.  Stopping in for awhile to say hello to all.  Have you missed me? LOL  I've missed you.

This Sunday is our church choir cantata, and I won't be able to sing yet by then, unless a voice miracle occurs.  I am disappointed to miss singing in it, we've been practicing for months and it is a beautiful piece of art to praise our Lord's birth.  Say a few prayers for me, please.


Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hey you all, Jenny, one of our dogs, got an answer to her letter from Charlie Bear.  Maybe they'll get to be good friends.  Please read and enjoy.  (in comment below Jenny's letter.)


Saturday, December 11, 2010


 (Jenny is our two year old Great Pyranees blend; Riggs and Homer are his best friend house and yard mates. She just wanted space on the blog this morning to tell you about themselves.)

Hi Friends, My name is Jenny and my partner's name is Riggs.  Riggs, you know, like the big rig type semi-trailer...and he is big...he's a Bull Mastiff and family protection trained. That makes us all feel better. Riggs came to live with us when I was a rambunctious puppy and my parents thought Riggs would help calm me down.  I also had separation anxiety whenever I had to be alone.  He helped me with that.  My parents thought I was a Border Collie, but as I grew, they began to suspect that I was something else entirely. LOL...I guess I am!!  They had a DNA test run on me, and found out that my main breed is Great Pyrenees, Standard Poodle, Pinscher, Labador and Beagle....that's funny LOL.  II've grown very tall and mommy says I have beautiful legs like the movie stars.  Would you like to come play with us?  We have a big pool in our yard and sometimes we fall in.  We don't want Riggs to fall in, cause he's so top heavy and he just sinks.  Riggs wears a doggy life jacket aroound the pool.  I love swimming with all the kids and grandkids when they come around.  Well, my mama said I have written more than a comment.  Mama and Daddy call me comical and funny.  I hope that's meant in a nice way.  I love them, Riggs and even the cat Homer very much and they love us a lot.  Well, Homer is a different story, he's caught my nose twice with his front claws.  That stung.  We hope Christmas is blessed with joy for you and yours. Mama has told me about baby Jesus.  I love babies. If I'd have been there, I'd have cuddled with him in his manger bed.  Goodnight now.  I have to go help Riggs get up from the kitchen floor.  He is 11 years old, ya know.


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We're building, but slowly and we have some very notable followers and friends on barbjan10 blogs. I'm sure you'll recognize familiar names and can associate them with recent books being published, and interviews with giveaways.  Each one invite one and so on, so we can really grow.  Anyone who would like to post anything about yourself and books you've written - you are welcome to do so. Anyone wanting to do so can contact me here, and I'll send you an email address to submit your material for approval.

I'm not published yet, but I'll be working on that soon.  You don't have to be a published writer or author to post here, just keep in mind that you someday will be; and those that are might have some helpful advice to pass on to everyone.  We can develop possible an each one help one and so on.

Does anyone have an opinion they'd like to share on this?

Followers and Friends so Far:

Catherine West
Dawn Kinzer
Book Reviews by Molly
Diane Noble
Cathy Bryant
Kathie Macias
Emma Michaels
Shawna Williams
Julie Lessman
Jill at Frugal Plus
Michelle Sutton
John Hileman

Welcome everyone!  Please check back often.  Each day brings about changes in our lives and I hope you love to share as much as I do.  Please share!  That's what the comment boxes are for.

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Linda Weaver Clarke

Visit Linda Weaver Clarke's site to learn about her great giveaways currently. Be sure to comment to qualify for the giveaways.

Linda Weaver Clarke

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Blogger: barbjan10 blogs - Edit Post "Book Ponderings 12 Day Of Christmas"

Blogger: barbjan10 blogs - Edit Post "Book Ponderings 12 Day Of Christmas"

Book Ponderings 12 Day Of Christmas

Book Ponderings 12 Day Of Christmas

Meet Debut Novelist Catherine West

Hi all, I'm so happy to introduce to you a new follower of my blog, Catherine West. Below is an interview she did recently for a fellow author's blog, and I think you'll enjoy getting to know a bit about her. Thank you, Cathy for following my blog. So glad to have you here and you are welcome to post anything here at anytime. As are the rest of you.

Meet Debut Novelist Catherine West

Write Where I Want to Be.: Touched By Mercy Contest

Go to this link of Tina Prinson on my blog site and get the details of her contest with great prizes. Then, please
become my follower on my blog site. I'd sure appreciate it. Need more friends to follow me...and I'll follow theirs. I promise!!

Write Where I Want to Be.: Touched By Mercy Contest


LaTanya Scott, one of my facebook friends has written and had published a book of devotionals. Good idea for Christmas gifts. Take a look!


Michael J. Sullivan: Necessary Heartbreak: How I Found Jesus

Read about Mike Sullivan's encounter with Christ. Mike is the author of "Necessary Heartbreak" an incredible book of a father and daughter being sent back in time to Jerusalem during what we refer to as Holy Week. I published a book review on 'Necessary Heartbreak on my blog a few weeks ago. Look on the right side of the blog and find the headline to that review.

Michael J. Sullivan: Necessary Heartbreak: How I Found Jesus

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Window To My World

Window To My World

Also check out this site about winning Kathi's book - "Red Ink."

Kathi "Easy Writer" Macias

Kathi "Easy Writer" Macias

Jump around to Kathi Macais's blog site and find out how to win her writing of "Red Ink." An incredible book.

Urgent Message

Urgent Message

Visit Cathy's blog site Word Vessel to see how to win her latest book "A Path Less Traveled. I've read her first book, Texas Roads and it's excellent reading. Cathy writes about Texas, drama and romance. Drop by her site and find out what a great gal she is.

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: "The Blacksmith's Bravery" by Susan Page Davis (& Book Giveaway!)

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: "The Blacksmith's Bravery" by Susan Page Davis (& Book Giveaway!)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


This story was written by my daughter, Shanna.  I am proud of her first writing and want to share it with all my friends.

Deep in thought, the man stood on his porch looking out over the moonlit snow-covered yard before him.

"Daddy, what are you doing out here in the cold?"
Slightly startled he turns to see his 6 year old daughter looking up at him with curious eyes.
Bending to meet her eyes and tapping her on the nose he says, "The question, young lady, is what are you doing out here without your coat?"

With a sheepish grin she shrugs, "you first! I asked you first!"
Unable to resist her adorable logic he scoops her up and says frankly, "I am counting my blessings. It is Thanksgiving afterall"

"Oh." she says, thinking for a moment. "How many?"
The man chuckles, giving her a gentle squeeze "I am holding one in my arms right now."
She giggles.

Pointing to the night sky he continues,  "but for as many stars as are in the sky I am blessed even more. I could not count them all there's so many. For starters, though, I am truly thankful for your mother and you. And I'm very honored that I am able to provide for you and am truly blessed to have such a close family."

She smiles, with a  flash of understanding one wouldn't expect to see on a 6 year old's face.
"What are you thankful for?" he asks, gently tugging on her pigtails.
"Well…" she pauses to think, "you and mommy…" she trails off with a yawn. "And…"
Smiling, he pulls her closer deciding that it's time to go inside.
As he turns to go in the house, she pipes up, "Oh, I know!", tightening her arms around his neck, "my daddy's big strong arms!"

Years later the little girl, now grown, looks out over the same moonlit snow-covered yard counting her blessing as she had every year since she was six years old.
"Honey, what are you doing out here in the cold?"

She turns to her newlywed realizing this is their first Thanksgiving together. "I'm counting my blessings. It's a tradition my daddy passed on to me. Every year we'd come out here on Thanksgiving night and count a blessing for each star." She smiles, remembering, "needless to say we could never count them all."

Touched, he says "that is one tradition I would love to join in on. I am so thankful I found you, Honey. You keep me alive in a very cold world." Tilting her chin to look into her eyes, "I don't want to ever lose sight of this particular star."

Taking his hand she smiles up at him and he scoops her up into his arms.

On their way inside she tightens her arms around his neck, whispering, "I'm so thankful for my husband's big strong arms."

More time passed and the couple grew golden together. Their children had long since grown and moved into their own lives. Once again the couple sits on the porch, hand in hand, counting their stars and blessing as they had done so many Thanksgiving nights before.
"I'm thankful for each and every wonderful day we have spent together, Honey." says her husband quietly. "You have made this cold world a warm place when I am near you."

She smiles, squeezing his hand, "You've always known just what to say and so beautifully too. You've taken care of me and patiently loved me through all of our ups and downs. You are the brightest star in my sky."

"Those words never get old." he says, scooping her out of her wheelchair into his arms just as he had done every night since they were married.
As he turned to carry her inside to bed she says "neither do those big strong arms."

Barbara Shelton XanGo Testimony


This is my testimony of my personal story of near death and God receiving the glory for making my life livable.

Barbara Shelton XanGo Testimony

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So spam postings today.  I hope the suggestions from friends yesterday worked, I tried all of them.  At least one of them or all of them worked.  How great is that?!

Facebook (3) | Debbie Macomber

Facebook (3) | Debbie Macomber: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Some uninvited person or persons is blogging spam on my blog.  I have tried reporting it, but nothing has been done.  If you see strange postings on medications, watches, and a variety of products and postings, please know they are not there by my choice.  I will need to move my blog to a different blog site, or start a new one.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I wish there were a way to block this from happening.  Just wanted all of you to know.  It is really irking me.


Hello Friends,
I just flew in last night from my visit in Oregon. Wow, are my arms tired!!  Had a wonderful time and it was snowing when I arrived there, cold and raining when I left.  I care not...I was having too much fun.  Was sad to leave and I know my mother was also.  I knew what each of us were thinking, when we would see each other again, and would we indeed see each other again?

We celebrated her 92nd birthday over and over, went out to eat with friends and family, and believe it or not...I wasn't sure to believe it, I lost five pounds somewhere in Oregon! 

I took with me a crochet jewelry making kit to work on in my spare time. LOL  Of course, the hemp string got tangled by the new kitten, Stripey.  (I know it's not nice to blame a baby cat, but I surely didn't get it wound up like that! LOL  I tried untangling it, then my mother tried and she did the most sensible thing...she untangled some more of it, then cut it off and threw the remainder away!!  When I went back to work on it again, the crochet hook that came with the kit was missing.  We looked everywhere for that hook, never to be found yet.  Could it be that sweet kitty snitched it quickly and hid it?   Hmmmmm.  Anyway, I have plenty of crochet hooks at home, and I'll buy another ball of hemp and start all over again.  Wish me luck!

My brother, bless his dear heart, volunteered my services as the Hanging of the Greens liturgist at church on SundayThat was agreeable to me, but little did I know that my part was almost the entire service!!  The last time I visited, the minister was on vacation and the guest minister didn't show up.  The sermon copy was on the podium, and volunteers were requested to read it.  My brother said proudly.."My sis can do it...she's good at that sort of thing."  I didn't crawl under the pews fast enough, so I said "OK" through my gritted teeth.  It's a good thing I know the people there and they know me.  Before my illness when I was still in good voice, I always sang when I visited.  Now, honestly, I was quite honored to have been asked both times I spoke and was told by many what a good job I did.  LOL  Guess I'll take a roll of duct tape to slap on my brother's mouth if he even opens it at church the next time.

Speaking of my brother, he is having his 67th birthday tomorrow.  I know exactly what I'm giving him.  He wants to lose some weight, but doesn't really want to do much to make it I'm sending him a nice set of bathroom scales.  I love to be of help to him and think he'll stay consistent with his weight loss plan if he has a new set of beautiful scales to use every morning.  Don't you think that is a thoughtful gift?  I know he'll be surprised.  This sibbling  teasing doesn't stop even in our old age. Hee Hee.

Well, if I've bored you enough, I'll go onto unpacking.  Glad to be back and amongst you all again....what's been going on while I've been gone?

God bless each of you with a festive and joyous December.  Keep passing that love forward.

Merry Christmas,