Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi - I have a new friend, Irene Douglas, and I noticed this poem she posted this morning. It touched my saddened heart today and I hope she doesn't mind my posting it on my blog. Have a good day, my friends and if you meet a sad friend today, tell them it's OK to shed tears.
by Irene Douglas on Sunday, February 20, 2011 at 5:36am
My dear friends in Jesus. i think i may have posted this poem
before, but often the Lord will take me back to something He
has already revealed before, but something I need to remember.
Today He reminded me of these particular words. I am sure these
words will be relevant to many more of God,s children.

Tears are words from the heart
words that cant be spoken
tears are God,s own cleanser
for a heart that feels its broken

Tears are our way of saying
my heart is torn in two
and   i  cannot find the words
to express my feelings to you.

Tears are often stiffled
the mind saying," this is wrong "
I will have to hide my tears
if Iwant to continue to be strong

But tears should never be hidden
they should be allowed to flow
for tears they water the heart
and so allow the seeds again to grow

God gave us a special place in our heart
where all our tears are kept
remember the Bibles shortest verse
Yes, you know it, JESUS WEPT

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