Friday, February 4, 2011


Do you feel like retreating from the world at times?  I do.  I have been feeling that way lately, yet I know it's a lonely place to stay - in retreat.  Where I live in Texas, it's slightly uncommon to be living in a snow covered deep freeze, and it does cause it's problems for many.  Commuters for one. We have been having those rolling blackouts this week; and I read where even hospitals have had their power cut. Unless they have extra power boosters during those black times, how does the hospital function?  What if a crucial surgery is taking place and all machines suddenly cut off - can that be critical to the patients with just a few seconds of lost power.  How did I go from talking about retreating to hospitals during a blackout?  My mind is wandering.

When there is snow and ice all over my world, or a thunderstorm, anything that closes me inside for a while, I feel safe.  I feel the world around me has quietened and calmed down and I feel protected from everything outside.  It's like retreating back to the womb and feeling the comfort of safety.

Am I speaking the feelings that others of you experience?  There's another kind of retreat for groups of people retreating to a quiet spot to communicate, fellowship and learn.  I enjoy these retreats also. In fact, I'm preparing to attend several in the months ahead.  My husband and I will be attending a retreat soon called "Discover God's Call," and I'm very excited about it. It's on the Fruits of the Spirit and training for the lay persons in church.  I'm attending another training retreat for Lay Speakers - so I can speak before congregations.  A third retreat I'm attending is our church women's retreat weekend that is very special and refreshing.  I'm looking forward to all of these retreats to refresh, remind, and fellowship with friends and most importantly witn the Lord.

To me, retreats of both kinds, the alone personal retreat and the retreat with others are learning and strengthening times of the Holy Spirit within me; and the devotion in my heart for God and his son Jesus.  Always growing.  I love and enjoy it. I'm delighted with the word of the Lord and my joy returns to me.  I'm safe.

It would be a pleasure and an honor for you to write comments and your thoughts, send them to me thru messages and I will gladly publish them in my blog.  Please feel free to speak here.
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