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New giveaway! Win an all expense paid Florida vacation that includes a Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas!

Buy one of my books and you just might win a vacation for up to four people!

This vacation prize is worth over a thousand dollars. It includes three days in Fort Lauderdale, then three days on the Caribbean Cruise Line ship to the Bahamas, then ends in Orlando Florida where you can get a pass into one of the theme parks there. This vacation package also includes a free rental car. All you have to do is pay for the gas. Winner will be required to pay a port of entry fee in order to get on the ship. Because it's not possible to include in this prize package (since I don't know who the winner will be or when they will leave, the winner is responsible for that small fee.) Did I mention the hotel rooms are all paid for and so are three meals per day per person? As you can see from the description above, this is a nice vacation package. However, the trip MUST be taken before August 2nd. When you book the cruise prior to that date is entirely up to you. Just book your spot a month before you leave. I have the transfer forms and information and will send it all to the cruise line when a winner is selected. You will get confirmation that the cruise has been transferred to you. So why not enter?

How many people can take this vacation? Up to four people because two separate rooms are paid for and the original deal I made was for four, which includes all meals, too.

What if only two of us want to go? Then you can save the other two spots for a separate vacation that can be either three days and two nights in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or three days and two nights in Las Vegas.

How can you afford to do this? I purchased the vacation package last August thinking my husband and two kids could go with us (hence the two rooms) but then our household income dropped significantly and we were no longer able to afford the plane tickets to get to Florida from Arizona. But I'd hate to waste a vacation package I'd already purchased, so now I'm offering it to one of you guys.


What do you need to do to enter for a chance to win this vacation? First, to enter even one time you must post a comment. You can send a picture of yourself holding one of my books, or forward a copy of the receipt to me if you ordered it online. The cool thing is that right now I have two books that are only $2.99 each, so that is the best deal you can get. If you have already bought several of my books you need to post a comment saying which ones you bought and when. If you won them or swapped them, then that doesn't count. However, if you have read all of my existing titles (there are a bunch of you out there) you can still enter by pre-ordering Letting Go (the paperback,) or by tweeting and facebooking about the contest. Just make sure to tell me you've read all of my books and that's why you could only tweet about the contest, or post about it on facebook.

To increase your chances of winning you can do the following...

+ one additional entry for following two of my blog sites (I will post the links below.)
+ one additional entry for tweeting about this contest and sending me a link to your tweet.
+ one additional entry for posting about the contest on facebook.
+ two additional entries for buying any one of my paperbacks and posting a review
+ two additional entries for buying one of my e-books from
+ one additional entry for buying an e-book from another site (kobo, Amazon, Sony, etc.)
+ one additional entry for pre-ordering Letting Go on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

So here is a scenario to help you see how this works. Let's say Betty has already purchased two of my paperback books before this contest. She will get one entry for that by either showing me she has the book(s) in a picture or showing me a review she had posted in the past of at least one of my paperback books. Betty also tweeted about the contest and posted it on facebook - that is two more entries. Now she has three. She decided she really wanted to read Never Without Hope anyway so she buys the paperback. This adds two more entries. Then she decides to buy one of my e-books from Amazon, so that is one more entry. Betty also followed my sites listed below. Her total number of entries is seven. Don't worry, I've got a spreadsheet and I will be adding entries as I get them, then putting them all into the list randomizer and having it select a winners name. Oh, and you MUST leave me a way to contact you so I can tell you that you won. I will pick a winner on March 2nd sometime before midnight. Now go spread the word and let me know that you did so I can start filling up the list. Blessings to you all and thank you for supporting me.

Here are my blog addys for you to follow...

Healing Hearts book review blog
Healing Hearts series blog
Never Without Hope blog

Here is a link to the Caribbean Cruise Line travel information. The Florida hotels in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando are part of this package but were added to make it a custom vacation for my family, so there won't be those details on this list.)

Link to more info about the cruise itself...Caribbean Cruise Line

Void where prohibited.

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