Friday, October 1, 2010


Tricia Goyer
Working on a book proposal & need your input on these questions: Answer one or many!
Have you ever compared yourself to another parent? How do you stack up?
What type of things do you compare?
Do you ever turn to God to help with your self-esteem or security?
How do you model for your kids that what Jesus thinks is MOST important?
...How does deepening your relationship with God help you be more transparent with others?See More
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    • Nancy Williams Great questions to consider. Hope this moves from a proposal to publication.
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    • Tricia GoyerThis emoticon has been enhanced by Facicons
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    • Barbara J Shelton Need to get my thinking cap on if it still fits! Can I get back with you, Tricia? I've got total recall...I'd like to recall a lot of things I did as a parent! Just kidding...I'll think about these great questions seriously.

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