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  One of the reasons I want to learn to blog is that I can keep track of comments I make to giveaways, exceptional articles and those authors that I admire.  I see this as practice for the real thing when I am doing the real thing and my mind dissolves in a "senior moment."  I hope someone will look one day at all this disorganized chaos and let me know they enjoyed or appreciated my efforts. I wonder what my 92 year old mother would say? LOL

 Fiction can be healing when it's used to open the eyes of someone who is blinded by their sin...

Jeannie Campbell, better known as "the character therapist" is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She wanted to share about how fiction can be used to help someone understand something that they simply weren't getting from an explanation in a counseling session. They needed to "see" it in a story to catch the full meaning. She says it best here...

( me and Jeannie Campbell)

"It's nice when I run across a book that not only speaks to me, but that I know will speak to my clients and the very situations they find themselves in. Michelle isn't afraid to "go there," which makes her books not only realistic, but page-turning. A lot of authors wouldn't touch the subject matter Michelle seems to thrive on, and her books definitely reach a population of readers who don't always end up with a happily ever after in their own lives. Showing characters dealing with various sins and their consequences is true to life.

I recently read a book of Michelle's and knew it would be a keeper for my list of therapeutic books to recommend to clients. Her bold approach to fiction is refreshing--and yes, shocking!--but life is shocking, is it not? I told a client that sometimes the allure of sin pales in comparison to the consequences. She was confused, and asked what I meant. I directed her to one of Michelle's books. The broken and guilty way she portrayed her character spoke to this women, and she realized that her own personal sin, much like the character's--no, exactly like the character's--was a barrier to achieving true, lasting happiness in the arms of a caring Savior.

Everyone should get a chance to check out what's so healing about Michelle's books. I know I'm looking forward to her new series!"

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT
the character therapist


barbjan10 said...
Well said, Jeannie!! You have said so much about Michelle's grit and dedication to women's issues in a few succinct words. Michelle is capable of insightful writing as though she were looking into my mind and speaking to my scars, my problems and hurtful memories. She not only opens eyes to their own sin, she opens up the hurt created by the sins of others and exposes understanding forgiveness of self and others. A great trigger to healing is the truth of God's everlasting love and overcoming power. Trusting God in all crucial circumstances is her key that opens the healing doors. I congratulate you for using her books in your practice. She does write as though she is a degreed therapist, doesn't she? Sharing Christ's Love, Barb Shelton

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