Friday, October 1, 2010

Below is a comment conversation line on Facebook on the death of Tony Curtis that I was a participant.  Interesting the different takes on a person's life.  Just sharing in case anyone's passing by my blog today.
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I was always fond of Tony Curtis as an actor. Hard to believe he was 85 when he passed away Wednesday. (But it's hard for me to believe I'm not still 32, too.) I loved Tony and his wife Janet Leigh (not to mention Kirk Douglas) in The Vikings. But I'd have to pick Some ...Like It Hot as my favorite Tony Curtis film. He pulls off a darn good Cary Grant in the movie, although that's not part of...
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    • Barbara J Shelton Aw, I didn't know this yet. I enjoyed his acting and thought in my day that he was a super hunk....and I loved Janet Leigh. My sympathies go out to his family.
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    • Margie Swearingen Mijares I always loved his movies...I had not heard that he had passed away.
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    • Wende P. Moran
      i enjoyed watching some things that Tony Curtis acted in. I saw what he looked like this year from the Entertainment Tonight program, it was like he was a different person, though his eyes and voice were the same.
      It is hard to believe that ...many people only make it into their 80s and so many others live way into their 90s.See More
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    • Kendra Elrod McBroom It is too bad more memories aren't shared from these great older actors/singers. Instead the news is focused on which Hollywierd person is arrested for drugs, had an affair with who, who is endorsing which candidate (like I care who they support).
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    • Kelly Naramore ‎:0) He had beautiful eyes!
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    • Sylvia Stewart Sadly, he lived a dissolute life.
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    • Kendra Elrod McBroom After I said what I did, I heard on the news last night that he had drug problems, married 6 times so guess I was way off base. Sorry.
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    • Barbara J Shelton
      Kendra, there is no need of apology, I knew these things about Tony Curtis, and pitied him for not acknowledging the love and protection of God. My own family has been victimized by the drugs, alcohol and poor choices of children who are a...dults. I truely think his family was strained, hurt and stressed because of his irrational behavior in private and public. Hollywood ethics are certainly not God's ethics. He was a victim of his own environment. What a sorry individual he did turn out to be. God help him now, we don't know where he is at this point except absent to those that love him. He was exploited in his old age by those silly commercials, his personal behavior and dress styleSee More
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    • Barbara J Shelton
      ‎(Whoops....I am not being very succinct...I couldn't see what I was typing) and acted quite juvenile. I pray he is in that better place. I was tempted to write judgment calls about him when I heard he had died, then I heard that prompt ...from God that might be lost..and that he had left leaving scars on others and himself. I've seen the irrational behavior of addicts, etc...and it scars everyone they know. My 41 year old daughter who tried to destroy her life with drugs for 25 years, is now recovering and returned to God and our family. We are all in the process of recovery and hope for all of us. I pray good will come from this famous person's life and death and I pray the same for our daughter and family. God bless you Kendra. We are both daughters of God and are loved. Hugs, BarbSee More
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