Saturday, October 2, 2010


Shannon Taylor Vannatter Hi Barbara,

Two things. You're not too late for the Lyn cote drawing. Whatever book is up for grabs each week is up from Monday - Saturday and you can leave a comment on any post during that week. Hope that makes sense. I always list the deadline in the heading.

You always give tidbits about your romance and you're a wri...ter, so I was wondering if you'd like to share it on the blog sometime. You can do one, two, or three days. I am booked half way through January, but after that is open. Here are the guidelines: If you're interested, let me know.

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Do you swoon over a good love story? The Inkslinger (Shannon's blog) shares love stories of real people just like you and fictional love stories of
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    • Barbara J Shelton
      Generated by FaciconsShannon, I'm slightly and awesomely overwhelmed by your invitation!! You gave me an wonderful undeserved compliment by calling me a writer....that is my heartfelt hope right now...and I'm learning so much through kind and giving frien...ds like you encouraging me on. Thank you. Your invitation is very appealing to me and spurs me on toward being more creative and start writing that story seriously. I would like to pray on it before I give you a solid answer if you don't mind. I'd like to jump up and down, clap my hands and shout hallelujah....I can clap...and I can shout...but the jumping just won't happen!!! God Bless You my friend, Barb See More
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    • Shannon Taylor Vannatter Your profile says you like to write, so you're a writer. Back when I started writing, I attended a conference and the speaker said if we don't think of ourselves as writers and call ourselves writers, we won't ever be writers. Just let me know. No pressure.

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    Happy Halloween!