Thursday, October 7, 2010


LOL!  Last week I had a strange happening, but it's quite humorous.  At least I think so!  I was attending my Thursday morning Bible Study at the church.  I was using my cane for the first time because my walking was being hampered by the pain that had increased in my legs and back.  When the study ended for the day, I took the elevator from the second floor to the first floor...or at least I thought I was.  At the first floor, the doors didn't open, and I felt myself being pulled upward, which almost toppled me over when the motion caused me to lose my balance.  I caught myself on the wall just about the time we stopped on the second floor and the doors opened.  Standing at the door waiting were two of my classmates.  Mary, who also has a mobility problem and uses a walker, pushed her walker through the elevator entrance and as she turned around she asked, "Did you forget something, is that why you're coming back up?"  I answered, "No, didn't forget anything, I've been on a elevator that decided to come back up and get you ladies."  We laughed as Naomi got on the elevator.  The doors closed and we talked about the silly elevator coming back up when they had pushed the down button, and I wasn't able to get off.  We all got a little laugh at that.

We landed on the first floor and the doors opened.  Mary and Naomi walked out together and Naomi saw a friend and went over to him, hugged him and told him he looked beautiful in his bright red shirt.  He did stand out among the others in the hallway beside the children's nursery...because he must have been 6'5" and slightly overweight.  Naomi called him Dave.  Dave was a very large man.  Mary proceed to walk in front of me slowly because she was using her walker.  She also spoke to Dave, and as we walked ahead, I heard some conversation between Dave, Naomi and some other people who had been standing there.  The conversation was something about smelling...and I didn't pay much attention.  I continued to walk behind Mary who is also a large tall woman and I didn't attempt to go around her as I was also walking slowly with my cane because of my pain.  Suddenly I was aware of something or someone right behind my right shoulder leaning down with his nose practically on my neck, pulling in his breath like he was smelling my neck.  This startled me and I turned my head around quickly almost bumping faces with Dave who was bent forward still attempting to hold his nose close to my neck.  He commented loudly to the others walking along behind him, "Here it is what I was smelling....," and to me he said with an apologetic giggle, "You smell lucious, what is that scent you are wearing?"  I stopped and turned to look up, up and more up to Daves face.  I giggled nervously and commented  in a reticent voice, "You scared me somewhat, I didn't expect anyone to be that close by my shoulder," still giggling nervously as Dave apologized saying he didn't mean to startle me, he was leaning to see if that lovely scent was coming from me," and he laughed, then asked me again to tell him what perfume I was wearing.  I said to him that I was flattered that he liked it and informed him politely that it was Organza by Givenchy.  We laughed together as he repeated the compliment that it was a lovely scent and he liked it very much.  I immediately thought to myself and said out loud rather embarrassed, "I didn't realize I put so much on that it was still emanating the scent."  "I didn't know others could still smell it."  The small crowd that was around us all laughed and Dave and I laughed with them, chatting all the way to the exit.  I mentioned to everyone that this funny incident was surely one way to make new friends.  I explained that I was a guest at the church attending the Bible Study; that I belonged to the sister church at the Matlock Road location.  Then I saw my friend Diane waiting in her car for me, as she was driving me home.  I hobbled to the car and climbed in, telling her I had something odd but funny to tell her on our drive to my home.  We laughed together about it and she said jokingly to me to be careful from now on...that could probably be a good way to pick up men.  That's another problem altogether that I don't need in my life.  I learned a good lesson that day about wearing too much perfume.  One could never  know what could happen.  I sure didn't expect all that excitement following a messed up elevator ride.  Funny morning, I thought to myself as I shut the car door.  I saw my husband Jack coming out to greet me and carry my books into the house for me and I wondered to myself if I should tell him of the incident.  Nope, I decided to myself....I've had enough trouble for one day. I'll just keep this compliment to myself and think about it when I need a good laugh and a lift in my spirit.  It really is nice to receive compliments from a strange person.  I wonder what God thought of all that?

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