Thursday, October 7, 2010


Good news today!!  Daughter Amy, who I will introduce and tell her story at a later date, found a new job today.  She's been without work for almost a year.  She is a hair stylist, specializing in children's hair, however her job will be with Great Clips as a hair stylist.  So thrilled for her.  She's had a tough row to hoe since she was 15.  Please include her in your prayers that her life will continue to straighten out.  She is a recovering drug addict of 25 years also, and so far is doing a great job of staying sober.  She has been through much trauma and dramatic situations in her lifetime.  Amy is one of 3 adopted children to which I am a mother.  She just became a new grandmother for the 4th time Monday and is ecstatic over Aslyn's birth.

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