Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Do you think the subject of Purity in all areas of a woman's life is important? Please answer below and feel free to give your opinion why. *

Yes, of course. Are women naturally pure? I don't believe so. We must be sanctified by Jesus Christ, baptized by the Holy Spirit and a loved child of God. We are pure through forgiveness of our sins and the forgiveness of other's sins toward us. Pureness is Godly. We must be Godly toward others and follow the teachings of Christ. Pureness is in attitude, actions, speech, thoughts, mannerisms, and our relationship with Jesus Christ. Pureness is in respect for others and self. Pureness is in unconditional love and acceptance. We are washed clean and pure by the blood of Jesus Christ and we can't be pure by our own choice. We must practice purity to perfect it. We pray daily, "Jesus cleanse me and make me pure so that I may touch others to seek holiness in your name."

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