Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hello, one week from today is the celebration we get excited about every year.  Since I'm just recovering from the flu...I'm wondering if it affected my head is some funny way...LOL.  This morning, I was preparing to attend the dress rehearsal at the church for our Christmas cantata.  The last thing I do when I'm going somewhere is put my watch and rings on.  Well, this morning I looked at the jewelry tree that I hang my watches and rings on and  strangely the watch I normally wear was missing.  Mystified, I looked all over the dresser top and around the floor and found nothing.  So, I put my rings on and decided to wear another watch and look for the other watch when I returned home.  I picked the other watch off the tree and started to slip it over my hand and onto my wrist.  I looked down at my wrist....and there was the watch I had intended to wear in the first place....ON MY WRIST!   I don't remember putting it on....what had I been thinking?!  OK...I guess I can blame it on the senior moments I have frequently.  Thank God, I can laugh at myself....  You can laugh as well.  LOL

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