Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello Friends,
I just flew in last night from my visit in Oregon. Wow, are my arms tired!!  Had a wonderful time and it was snowing when I arrived there, cold and raining when I left.  I care not...I was having too much fun.  Was sad to leave and I know my mother was also.  I knew what each of us were thinking, when we would see each other again, and would we indeed see each other again?

We celebrated her 92nd birthday over and over, went out to eat with friends and family, and believe it or not...I wasn't sure to believe it, I lost five pounds somewhere in Oregon! 

I took with me a crochet jewelry making kit to work on in my spare time. LOL  Of course, the hemp string got tangled by the new kitten, Stripey.  (I know it's not nice to blame a baby cat, but I surely didn't get it wound up like that! LOL  I tried untangling it, then my mother tried and she did the most sensible thing...she untangled some more of it, then cut it off and threw the remainder away!!  When I went back to work on it again, the crochet hook that came with the kit was missing.  We looked everywhere for that hook, never to be found yet.  Could it be that sweet kitty snitched it quickly and hid it?   Hmmmmm.  Anyway, I have plenty of crochet hooks at home, and I'll buy another ball of hemp and start all over again.  Wish me luck!

My brother, bless his dear heart, volunteered my services as the Hanging of the Greens liturgist at church on SundayThat was agreeable to me, but little did I know that my part was almost the entire service!!  The last time I visited, the minister was on vacation and the guest minister didn't show up.  The sermon copy was on the podium, and volunteers were requested to read it.  My brother said proudly.."My sis can do it...she's good at that sort of thing."  I didn't crawl under the pews fast enough, so I said "OK" through my gritted teeth.  It's a good thing I know the people there and they know me.  Before my illness when I was still in good voice, I always sang when I visited.  Now, honestly, I was quite honored to have been asked both times I spoke and was told by many what a good job I did.  LOL  Guess I'll take a roll of duct tape to slap on my brother's mouth if he even opens it at church the next time.

Speaking of my brother, he is having his 67th birthday tomorrow.  I know exactly what I'm giving him.  He wants to lose some weight, but doesn't really want to do much to make it I'm sending him a nice set of bathroom scales.  I love to be of help to him and think he'll stay consistent with his weight loss plan if he has a new set of beautiful scales to use every morning.  Don't you think that is a thoughtful gift?  I know he'll be surprised.  This sibbling  teasing doesn't stop even in our old age. Hee Hee.

Well, if I've bored you enough, I'll go onto unpacking.  Glad to be back and amongst you all again....what's been going on while I've been gone?

God bless each of you with a festive and joyous December.  Keep passing that love forward.

Merry Christmas,

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