Saturday, December 11, 2010


 (Jenny is our two year old Great Pyranees blend; Riggs and Homer are his best friend house and yard mates. She just wanted space on the blog this morning to tell you about themselves.)

Hi Friends, My name is Jenny and my partner's name is Riggs.  Riggs, you know, like the big rig type semi-trailer...and he is big...he's a Bull Mastiff and family protection trained. That makes us all feel better. Riggs came to live with us when I was a rambunctious puppy and my parents thought Riggs would help calm me down.  I also had separation anxiety whenever I had to be alone.  He helped me with that.  My parents thought I was a Border Collie, but as I grew, they began to suspect that I was something else entirely. LOL...I guess I am!!  They had a DNA test run on me, and found out that my main breed is Great Pyrenees, Standard Poodle, Pinscher, Labador and Beagle....that's funny LOL.  II've grown very tall and mommy says I have beautiful legs like the movie stars.  Would you like to come play with us?  We have a big pool in our yard and sometimes we fall in.  We don't want Riggs to fall in, cause he's so top heavy and he just sinks.  Riggs wears a doggy life jacket aroound the pool.  I love swimming with all the kids and grandkids when they come around.  Well, my mama said I have written more than a comment.  Mama and Daddy call me comical and funny.  I hope that's meant in a nice way.  I love them, Riggs and even the cat Homer very much and they love us a lot.  Well, Homer is a different story, he's caught my nose twice with his front claws.  That stung.  We hope Christmas is blessed with joy for you and yours. Mama has told me about baby Jesus.  I love babies. If I'd have been there, I'd have cuddled with him in his manger bed.  Goodnight now.  I have to go help Riggs get up from the kitchen floor.  He is 11 years old, ya know.


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  1. Jenny,
    You’ve got your own big rig? Awesome! Sounds like you’ve got a pretty cool home with your peeps, Homer the cat (don’t you hate when they scratch your nose?), and Riggs. I’m a mixture of all kinds of things too, so don’t worry, we’re all unique in so many ways. Like you, I would hug Baby Jesus too if I’d been there when he was born. If we were both there, we could have kept him doubly warm.
    I have a big dog, Rex, in my house and he’s 11 too. Small world Jenny!
    Have a great Christmas,
    Charlie Bear