Saturday, August 13, 2011


If you have a wonderful man who helps balance your whole world; who isn't perfect, but perfect for you; who works hard and would do anything for you; who makes you laugh and drives you crazy; who is your best friend; who you want to grow old with; who you are thankful for everyday; and who you couldn't live without. Brag about him a little and put this as your status

My wonderful man is my hubby, Jack!  I'm proud to brag on him....a lot!!  Over the past twelve years, God assigned him to be my caregiver. Whenever I've been hospitalized, he is there from morning until night and only goes home to sleep.  I can't possibly list all the wonderful things he has done for me, but he has been my legs, my hands, my eyes, my ears, my nurse, my driver, my financial supporter, my morale supporter, he knows what the nurse's job is and doesn't hesitate to say how it should be done if he notices the task isn't done right.....much to my embarrassment at times....but it is just another sign of  his love for me.  He's not a particularly romantic man, but I've learned from him how many ways there are to say "I love you."  He keeps my meds up to date and sorts them into pill boxes once a week.  He does all the grocery and household supply shopping, the cooking, the housework, cleans the pool, trains the dog, feeds the pets, helps all our kids when they need it. 

How could I ask for more?  He's sacrificied his desires because he knows he is needed. He is deserving of so much in return.  I pray constantly that God will allow me to finally be on my feet to stand and walk, drive a car, prepare his meals, wash his clothes and give him all the morale support he needs.

Since my hip replacement and intensive therapy....I'm realizing that God is answering my prayers.  I hope to take all those tasks I'm supposed to do back by the first of the new year.  I think Jack deserves the pampering and attention for a change.  He needs to know what I've learned from him....the many ways I can say "I love you."

Oh, Lord, hear my prayer.  Watch Jack's health and welfare and grant him your grace and mercy in all ways.  As we both grow older, let us be together in all the ways until we must part according to your plan for each of us.  Teach us all  your ways of saying "I love you" to all who pass through our lives. Thank you, Jesus who has promised us salvation 

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