Monday, August 8, 2011

BARB'S BACK........


The last time I posted was two days before my hip replacement surgery. That is just a few days shy of being one month ago.  I've missed everyone, thought and prayed for you, even though I didn't post anything on Facebook during that time.  My husband brought the laptop everyday for me to check up on things, but I didn't leave any messages....couldn't get the laptop situated to where I could use the keys easily......on top of my tummy wasn't the greatest place for it! LOL

The surgery went very well and after a week in the Medical Center where I had surgery, I was transferred to HealthSouth, a remarkable and wonderful therapy hospital where I spent ten days in the best therapy I've ever experienced.

Even though the surgery was successful on my hip, and that felt 100% better, my knee to my foot was still very painful and wouldn't bear my weight.  I thought I'd need another surgery to replace the knee.  It took a while to finally bear weight on the leg, but I kept practicing.

Outpatient therapy at HealthSouth began last week.  I go three times a week for at least six weeks.  The therapy gets tougher, and so am I.  Today, I walked from the parking lot with my walker all the way into the building and down the hall to Outpatient Therapy.  This heat in Texas caused me to build up a bit of a sweat....or could it have been that I was exerting myself? LOL  After therapy, I again used my walker and walked to the entrance of the clinic.  Then, I let my husband wheel me to the car in the wheelchair.  I'm making progress.  Knee is getting better.

Tomorrow I see the doctor/surgeon for the first time since entering therapy.  I'm hoping I get a good report on my progress.  The main question I want answered is whether or not I'll need a knee replacement.  The doctor will probably think I need my head replaced instead!!!

There has been an everpresent feeling of peace and well being around me throughout this entire experience.  People in the health industry have been so kind and considerat - most of all, I felt sincere interest on their part for me as a patient.  I felt nurtured and replenished.  Thank you, Jesus for being present with me all this time.

Thank you friends for your prayers and concern through your messages.  Now, I look forward to what's ahead.  I don't know how often I'll be posting because of my therapy and schedule.....but I'll post as often as I can....or have anything to talk about. LOL  Take care and stay healthy.  Let's pray for this heat to break soon for cooler temperatures.

We all have many things to pray about all over this world.  Let's share our prayers here, there and everywhere for all matters.

Glad to be back!


  1. Hi Barb! This post sounds like you've had a tough time, but you still have a sense of humor through it all. It was nice to see that you can still joke around while enduring... Enduring what? Enduring the discomforts of hip surgery... enduring the hospital food... enduring the heat... enduring life... Well, I guess just "enduring."

  2. I'm glad that you're back, Barb. I missed you.