Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hello Friends,

It has been far too long since we last had contact. I hope you all saw my last posting about my friend Jeanne Brooks' series Journeys of Faith, Books 1 & 2.  Both very good reads.

As the headline on today's post says, my hip replacement surgery has been set for July 14th. I'm quite excited about looking ahead to returning to as normal a life as possible...yes, I know...after recovery and intensive rehabilitation.  God has blessed with a promise of better things to come....perhaps even driving the car again after 12 years. Look out world! LOL 

I realize how fortunate I am to be having this surgery and I think of all the people in this world who are in pain with no promise of relief.  That saddens me.  I do think, "Why me, Lord?"  Why have you chosen to bless me with this relief from pain when so many others will never know it.

It has occured to me that God has a purpose for what is ahead in his plan for my life.  I don't know what that might be for sure yet - and I won't allow it to frighten me.  I'm a believer in "what goes around comes around," and perhaps he is preparing me for all the love and blessings I've received from others; especially over these 12 years that I've been immobilized.  My husband has been my loving caregiver.  Will I be giving the same back to a loved one?  My true friends are still here for me, encouraging and praying for me.  Will I be encouraging and praying for one of them? I thought the Lord wanted me to write for his glory, and set me in front of the pc when I couldn't walk.  Perhaps I'll be able to do that now without the physical and emotional pain that prevents me from writing my stories.  Whatever is ahead for me, Lord - make me a willing tool to accomplish all I need to do to glorify you.

Make me a blessing, Lord.


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