Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hello Friends,

I don't know if any of you have been missing my blog posts, and I haven't posted for a while.  All kinds of things have been occurring in my life, some not at all interesting - just the mundane day to day things - but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of you.
First of all, surgery on my hip placement is drawing nearer and nearer, and I am excited to hope for a dream come true that I can return to a normal life, which I haven't had for the past 11 years.  To dream that I can walk without pain and possibly drive a car again, even shop in a grocery story - LOL - makes my heart beat faster with excitement.  I have seen my wonderful surgeon, and as soon as my medical doctor clears me for surgery, then my date will be scheduled.....which could be as near as 3 weeks away now.  Just wanted to share my blessings with you and ask for your prayers for my family and me.

During my away time, I won't be posting much but I would like to reconstruct my blog to allow other things to occur on it that I didn't know how to create before.  I didn't know anything about creating a blog before when I put it together........and now I can\ see the error of my ways and intend to improve on it soon.  Any suggestions from you that follow me would be appreciated.

My eyes are improving, however a spot was discovered behind my left eye that is of concern.  I am on steroid eye drops to attempt to clear it up.  I'm much more encouraged about my eyes and possibly even cataract surgery in the future....that was thought before to be impossible.

God is moving in my life in an incredible way and I'm trying to keep up with his timing on all of them.  He is bringing about wonderful things in my family members......hubby stopped smoking and imbibing.....and because of all the miraculous changes we are all easier to get along with.  That's truly from God!!!  Hugs and prayers for all of you and please leave some encouraging insight on my Facebook page from time to time.  I enjoy hearing about your lives, so let me hear from you.

Your Christian Sister,

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  1. Barb, I will be in prayer for you! I am happy to read about your husband. That is the power of God! I have an unsaved Son that I pray for daily. He says he doesn't believe in God. That breaks my heart. I know God can work miracles! Anyway, praying that your hip surgery will happen soon and your eye problem straightens out. God is good and he can help these tired old bodies!! Take care and God Bless! In Christ, Judy