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Chronic Illness or Pain Daily

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The disciples were gathered in the room,
their Lord had been crucified.
They were discouraged, felt abandoned,
wishing He was at their side.
And then! He appeared ! Right there
and He wished them His peace.
The disciples were filled with joy -
their questions now could cease!

And then! Lovingly, He showed them
the wounds in His side, His hands,
wanting them to know He’d hurt, too
and now He could understand…
Understand each pain and each trial
that they would ever go through,
understand their tribulations
for He had felt them, too.

For God is not a God
who kept Himself protected,
not a God who played it safe
and tried not to be affected.
He was willing to walk our earth
and feel what it is to be man;
that was one of His intentions
and part of His perfect plan
So when you have a hurting heart
and in your personal pains and aches,
know that He’s been wounded, too,
and for you, His own heart breaks.
In His mercy and compassion
and because of all He went through,
Jesus cares for your every concern
and feels it along with you.

When He goes to wipe your tears,
know He’s had tears of His own.
He’s experienced loneliness and loss,
so you’re not wounded alone.
No, you’re not wounded alone.

About the Author:
Cynthia Evans is a published poet

living in the greater Atlanta area. 
When she’s not writing, you might 
find her serving at Christian companies,
traveling, walking or watching 
inspirational films.

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