Thursday, April 14, 2011


Happy Thursday, Friends,

Our son Mike and DIL Carla are headed back to St. Louis now and are already missed.   We are needing to learn to manage on our own again.  Carla took over the kitchen while she was here which was a gift to all of us - particularly hubby Jack, who is my caregiver and preparer of kitchen oddities.  Mike was our gift in the office by building and setting up two brand new computers for Jack and myself  to ponder and praise over this awesome Windows 7.  Now that Mike has gone home - we'll probably drive him crazy calling and begging him to remote into our pc's and clear up all the problems and mysterious ways to use this pc.

Speaking of mysteries, I have a very puzzling one.  Before my new pc was installed, I had almost completed a revision on the current chapter of the story I'm writing.  Although I don't care to admit that it might be my fault, it might be.  Could I have neglected to do a final save before I closed down late that night I revised it?  AGH!!  I think I've told you about the critique group I'm part of with ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). 

After Mike had done all the work of setting up my new PC, I was so enthusied to make sure everything had been moved completely and correctly.  I quickly went to the foldler containing my writings and clicked on the file I wanted opened.....and I went to my story and became so fearful over what I saw that I SCREAMED!!  "WHERE'S THE REST OF MY CHAPTER?"  Mike and I started an investigation immediately and searched the old and new pc hard drives and each manuscript I found came up with the same missing pages.  I decided I could look at this in two different ways.  I could cry and stew over the lost pages; or I can remember the revisions as well as possible, and write again believing it will come out better than it was before.  Then.....I keep wondering to myself if it had been a dream that I wrote those easy is that?  I know God has a hand in what I'm doing...and I just wonder why He didn't save it either?

This must be part of the plan  God has chosen for me.   I think I'll just leave it at that.



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