Friday, March 4, 2011


Hi Friends,
Excitement and slight nervousness is all about me these past few days.  I enjoy writing as some of you might have guessed. I'm not at the point where I'm attempting to publish anything.  I'm working on some stories that I'm dreaming might be published one day.

To help that along, I'm now in the company of Scribes through the help of American Christian Fiction Writers.  I will receive help here through other authors critiquing my work to further my skills in writing properly.  I'm at the place in writing where perseverance and consistency in study and practice will  further my creativity.

If anyone has been visiting my blog the past several days, you' might have seen my absence. I've been so busy going through orientation before moving into Scribes that I haven't had the time or pep to add to my blog.  I'm back - ready to help any of you by publishing reviews of your books or any of your interesting information from your blogs.  Altogether, we have a lot to add to Facebook as well as allowing our friends to find out what's going on in the Christian writing world.  Come on, writing friends, I'm asking  you to sock it to me....


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