Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Tomorrow morning I am having cataract surgery done on my left eye.  Surgery will not be done on the right eye, because I am technically blind in that eye.  So - I am basically a cyclops....or is that a plural...cyclop?  LOL

Having said that.....please know that your prayers for safety and good results would mean so much to me.  I'm excited that my eye sight will be much improved with the Toric lens being placed in the left eye.  There is a possibility that I won't need to wear glasses except for reading.  That way there won't be nose impressions any longer on my computer screen!

Then....the ACFW Conference is coming up on September 20-23 and I am elated that I'm a first time attendee.  I live only 15 minutes away from the hotel in Dallas that is hosting the conference on DFW Airport.  That's great because I can save the money and sleep at home. With my new eye...LOL....I'm looking forward to recognizing author and writing friends at the ACFW Conference.  So much fun, and I'm anticipating a great time.  If any of you reading my blog are attending, please let me know so we can arrange to meet one another.  My email address is  and I'd love to hear from you whether you are attending or not.

Here...I want to add a encouraging plug about what's going on at The Wordsmith Journal Magazine.........courtesy of Pamela Thibodeaux, Owner and Editor....I just put together an Advertising Plan and Marketing Strategy document for The Wordsmith Journal Magazine and all I can say is WOW! We are going well! Authors if you want max exposure for min investment you need to check us out!

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