Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hello Friends and Neighbors,

Guess it's time to let you know that I'm in Portland, Oregon visiting with my mother, Margaret.  She is 93.8 years of age and continues in vitality of life and thanks the Lord every day for her joys and blessings.  Mama is an awesome lady.  She shares her home with my younger and only sibling, brother Arlen (Bob).  I am grateful to God and Arlen for his being here and keeping watch over and caring for mama.

Only a few minutes ago, mama and I were sitting comfortably in the swing on the large deck  that extends over the garage at the back of this gorgeous Oregon home setting.  As you might recall where I live, I traveled here from HOT OLD TEXAS, and am basking in the warm...not hot....beautiful weather here  NO RAIN EITHER!  Mama was reading a book and I was resting my eyes listening to the singing of the birds and wonderful quiet.  Ahhhhh!  Mama reached over and took hold of my hand and said, "You didn't need to wash the dishes."  She continued to hold my hand and I thought to myself to remember this sweet moment of touching and the feel of her hand.  It is hard not to tear up at times because I know the Lord could call her home at any time.  She does express weariness, but not often, and says she is ready to meet Jesus when he calls.

Of course, I know it will be a time of celebration in heaven - but I dread it personally for myself, I should say "us" meaning all of us she will leave behind.  How blessed Arlen and I are to have such an incredible mother.  Mama is always there for us and anyone needing her love and growing wisdom.  My brother and I are very proud of her and love her with all of our hearts.

OK, at the risk of seeming selfish and maudlin I'll refrain from further speculating on that dreaded time ahead of us.

All these special moments in time that we share as a family are the most meaningful times for me and I will have good remembrances always.

Just wanted to share with you how I'm feeling at the moment...I needed to express that.  I'll be checking in again from time to time while I'm here in Portland.  I am returning home to Arlington, TX on September 1.  Your prayers will be appreciated for us here, as well as my family at  home.....including my dog, Jenny; and my cat, Homer.   While I'm visiting mama, I'm also enjoying her dog, Bix and her kitty, Stripey.

At the present time, I am reading the book I'll be reviewing in the September issue of The Wordsmith Journal Magazine.  I'll keep what I'm reading and who the author is a secret and you can be sure to read about this highly unusual story that is incredibly written in my new review column - the Senior Perspective....Just Saying The Wordsmith Journal Magazine.  There, I've said the title of this fine magazine twice now.....please remember it! LOL

While I'm here, I'm plan to catch up on some crocheting, making cro-hooked dish clothes,; because my hubby is complaining that he has run out of all the ones I made several years ago.  Anyone else out there in my friends circle know how to crochet or cro-hook?  Let me know.....we can share patterns and suggestions.  What fun!

And of course, I will also be seeing other beloved family while I'm out here and I'm excitedly looking forward to those occasions  Hope you are all having a great summer, and to those traveling or staying home - stay safe!  Be blessed by His Grace each day and don't forget to thank Him for the blessings.


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