Saturday, February 4, 2012

Prayer Therapy - Online Prayer Group

Good Saturday, Friends,

This morning I want to share another blog with you that I discovered. The title of today's headline captured my interest immediately.

Some of us are bothered by bouts of depression, I'll admit that depression has been a big problem at times in my life, and it's been difficult to pray. I plea to God to teach me how to pray. I feel my prayers are ineffective and that causes more depression. That question, "What Brings You Down?" hit me square between the ears and what I saw and read on Doris Gaines Rapp's blog is exactly the answer to the BIG QUESTION!

Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D. author, psychologist, speaker, wife, and mother. "God gives us many stories to tell. Let me tell you mine." Here is an excerpt from her blog today:

"Let Prayer Therapy help lift you out of Depression caused by bad memories and negative self-talk. Using Prayer Therapy, pray 3x a day for the release of depression. As before, you would wait a few minutes for God to touch you, and then go about the rest of the day, knowing that God heard your prayer."

Doriis's blog is a " positive blog of prayer, prayer requests, and prayer intercession. Pray specifically. Pray scripturally."

She announced this morning another blog she just began at
Doris also has a website located at

I urge you to visit each of these sites.  You will find much information you might not have known you need.

Quickly, I urge you to flip over to this blog first .  You'll be glad you did.
Prayer Therapy - Online Prayer Group

Other than attending church tomorrow (Sunday) and praising our Lord, the Super Bowl is the big event.  It will be an all day celebration at our house even though our favorite team isn't playing.  A pot of chili will be kept warm on the stove and all the additional fixings and toppings will be on the counter top in the kitchen.  It's a serve yourself day.  It would be nice if you could all join us.  That's nice wishful thinking, so I wish for all of you a great Super Bowl Sunday celebrated in your own ways.  Hope your team wins!


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  1. Thank you Barbara for the post. Prayer Therapy is effective and I thank you again for getting the word out. Blessings