Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Greetings With Unconditional Love

Each one of us is a beloved child of God.  We were created to love God and our fellow man.  I'm praying for more congeniality, love and peace among us everywhere of every nation and tongue.  My prayer to each of my FB and Blog friends I found on the Unconditional Love page.  Pray more often and live more wisely in this new chapter of each of our lives. Practice more unconditional love and hope for peace.  Thank you for coming to visit my blog....I hope to be able to share more with all my favorite friends and family in 2012!
Many Hugs,

Jesus has a tremendously beautiful saying. He says ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of god then all else shall be added unto you.’ Don’t be bothered about anything else. People are worried about everything else except the kingdom of god — and that’s why they remain failures. They are interested in attaining the fragrance but they are not interested in growing the rose bush, in growing flowers. How can they achieve fragrance? It is impossible.

~ via Dharam Avtar Kaur

Copied from the Unconditional Love Page in Facebook.

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