Monday, August 16, 2010


Obstreperousness is a big word for a person who is harsh, critical, unappreciative, difficult to please, and never satisfied. The obstreperousness person is quick to find fault and quick to attribute blame and try to instill guilt. He is almost obsessed with proving the other person wrong and himself right. She is usually negative in her basic attitude toward life.
We all know people who are as long in criticism of others as long as this word is to describe them. It sounds like a disease, and the way I see it, it is a disease. A disease of the mind's eye, the tongue, and denial of positive thoughts about anything. This person always questions everything and voices his opinion of what's wrong with national decisions, international decisions and another's personal decision. In fact, at this very moment, while I'm typing my foggy thoughts, in the background is the man I've been married to for 35 years, droning on about several issues at once - all negative. I want to scream! I am not able to finish a complete thought of my own while I'm listening on the side to mumbling through the food being shoved in his mouth. It's lunch time for's time for me to shut up until I can carry on a complete thought without interruption. Another point of this disease.....they can't hear anything the other person says, because they talk right over them as though they don't hear....or just plain don't care.

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